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In 2017, fintech experienced a significant boost with $27 billion in venture capital investments, an 18% increase from the previous year. This growth, seen in almost 2,700 deals, showcased the sector's strength, accumulating nearly $100 billion in investments since 2010. A transformative trend, known as "trade-tech," emerged as fintech solutions entered the conservative trade finance sector, addressing trust issues in trade documents and data.

Exploring the challenges and successes of technology in trade finance, the discussion revealed obstacles like trust issues in paper-based processes and the crucial role of regulatory frameworks in promoting widespread tech adoption. Despite optimism about collaborations between traditional banks and agile fintech disruptors, concerns arose about the pace of tech adoption and potential trust erosion.

Looking ahead, the conversation became visionary, envisioning a digitized, efficient trade ecosystem filled with hope. However, a cautionary note emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to avoid industry-wide isolation and silos, urging collective action to unlock the full potential of technology for seamless, borderless trade. Join us in this dynamic dialogue navigating fintech, trade, and the evolving landscape of trust and collaboration in the digital age.

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