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Trade Insurance & Risk Management

Credit insurance is a common tool used by trade financiers to mitigate against buyers’ insolvency risks. Trade credit insurers play an important role in unlocking greater liquidity for trade, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Other types of insurance in the international trade world include political risk insurance, cargo, shipping and marine insurance, currency insurance and product liability insurance.

Faced with the evolving needs of global trade, shipping lines, freight forwarders, and exporters, insurers are now stepping up their game in terms of 1) offering more sophisticated trade services, 2) investing in innovation and product development, and 3) improving their interaction with customers.

Insurers also need to tap on solutions and processes that enhance their risk management models.

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What We Look Out For

Insurtechs for trade who help insurers and insurance brokers operate on a lean model of minimal infrastructure, heightened differentiation, and smart automation of time-consuming processes such as underwriting and claims processing.


Solutions that enhance lending processes through APIs for example, or enable better risk management and analytics through data and aggregation are also keen areas of interest for us.

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