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Founders & Tradetechs

GTR Ventures is a specialised venture accelerator, venture builder and pioneer in the trade finance and supply chain arena, founded upon in-depth expertise of the sector. Our areas of focus include:

1) Trade Finance 

2) Trade Credit Insurance 

3) SME Finance & Supply Chain 

4) Physical Trade


We provide unique and unparalleled value to founders and fintech startups in a combination of the following areas:

Global Marketing & Business Development

Through the GTR media and events platform, ride upon the reach of GTR Ventures’ global print, web, and events around the globe to market your tradetech offering to a targeted audience of trade and trade finance decision makers. These are the people who matter. People who make it their business to understand products like yours.

Partner tradetech firms therefore enjoy significantly decreased marketing and business development costs, and achieve optimal returns on investor and public relations. The savings you make on marketing spend will extend your runway further.

Advisors & Mentors

Onboarded tradetechs have access to our wide network of trade finance industry experts and veterans. We have spent 15 years building connections and amassing experience, so that you can access a ready and willing database of domain experts to serve as advisors or mentors.

Proof of Concept and Product Validation

Leverage upon GTR Ventures’ networks to accelerate your search for financial institutions, corporates, or institutions who are willing to work with you to validate your product, or embark on a proof of concept or proof of value process. Take a step closer to generating revenues that are market-validated.

Access to Smart Capital

How often have you encountered funds or investors who actually know and understand trade finance? Through us, access a ready network of investors, experienced bankers and entrepreneurs who actually understand trade finance, and who can provide smart capital.


For Equity Investors: Rigorously Screened Opportunities
We curate and funnel private equity capital into trade finance startups.

For Debt Investors: Access A Niche Product 
Traditionally the preserve of banks and institutional funds, private investors are now able to gain exposure to stable returns from short-term, self-liquidating trade finance loans. According to several studies including the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), default rates for trade finance are amongst the lowest when compared to other financial products.

For Impact Investors: Supporting Emerging Market SMEs
Our focus on fintechs operating in the SME and supply chain finance space supports greater financial inclusion in emerging markets and enhances SMEs’ competencies in working capital management.

Banks & Insurers

For Banks

Transaction and trade finance bankers will need to adapt to greater regulatory scrutiny, while keeping operating costs low and remaining flexible to serve their clients’ needs. We cut out the fluff and surface to you trade technology and innovation, founded and/or screened by fellow trade finance specialists.

For Insurers

As the very nature of trade transactions and flows evolve, trade insurers are thinking of ways to go beyond traditional channels of distribution. Are insurers and insurance brokers ready for a digital trade future? Partner with GTR Ventures as we provide you privileged access to emerging supply chain and trade platforms, and accord you priority access for distribution. At the same time, we ramp up your ability to tap on structured data to enhance your organisation’s risk management capabilities.

Non-Bank Corporates

GTR Ventures innovates alongside the non-financial world of trade. The world of non-bank corporates, including manufacturers, agribusiness, commodity traders, shipping, ports, logistics and transportation and so forth.

For example, we find tradetechs who provide supply chain working capital solutions which allow treasurers and supply chain managers to bridge their operational gap. If you are a transporter of goods, source for disruptive tradetechs which allow you to further streamline your operations. For physical and paper traders out there, access and integrate trade and treasury tools which help you secure arbitrage faster and for more profits.

Through our close links with technology companies innovating in trade, access a community of thinkers and investors who will give your business an edge in the marketplace.

Experts & Thought Leaders

GTR Ventures is driven by a very specific brand of expertise, that of physical trade and trade finance. We act as the bridge between tradetechs who seek advice, and industry veterans of high calibre, who can shape and mentor a rising generation of tradetechs.


Our experts and thought leaders pioneer investments alongside GTRV’s core team and advisory board. As leaders and members of the investment committee, they screen potential tradetechs, delivering insights based on experience. Aside from that, they also contribute to domain knowledge, through white paper publications on our site.

Governments & Institutions

As physical distances narrow and become insignificant, geography matters less. The competitive advantage of trade hub nations and cities hinge more and more on digital connectivity and the ability of the regulator and policy maker to be ready for the future of trade.

Position and safeguard your position as the go-to hub and ecosystem for global trade. Through GTR Ventures’ knowledge and panel of experts worldwide, we welcome partnerships and thought leadership initiatives with governments, international organisations, chambers of commerce, central banks, customs and tax agencies.

Access and promote your #futureoftrade initiatives with us; while we and our portfolio companies serve as a trusted funnel of data and information on the latest trends in trade flows, trade finance and trade data. Leverage private sector innovation to enhance your regulatory efficiency and fraud detection capabilities.

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