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SME Finance & Supply Chain

Securing sufficient working capital, and managing outstanding invoices are the top concerns of almost any firm, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Existing solutions in supply chain finance offered by banks such as invoice discounting or those offered by factoring firms, have partially alleviated the burden.

Top 5 SME Pain Points

1. Cost containment 
2. Maintaining adequate cash flow 
3. Falling demand for products and services 

4. Efficiency in receivables management 
5. Collection of outstanding invoices in emerging markets 


What We Look Out For

Tradetech solutions that can liberate liquidity within supply chains, lower credit risk for suppliers, and improve firm efficiency by bettering their abilities to forecast future cashflows, and providing great access to credit.

We are also keen on credit enhancement solutions for SMEs and databases or tools which allow banks or non-banks to cost-efficiently underwrite trade or invoice lending.

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