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During a roundtable discussion at GTR Asia 2023 in Singapore, facilitated by GTR Ventures, tradetech stakeholders, including Jenny Au of FundFluent, Jasmine Lau of CapBay, Hart Lestari of 6Estates, Sunil Senapati of XDC Trade Network, Kelvin Tan of GTR Ventures and Origin Capital Management, Brett Taylor of Coface Asia, Eleanor Wragg of GTR (as the moderator), and Rebecca Xing of Trustana, gathered to explore opportunities for growth, lessons learned, and survival strategies in the trade technology sector.

The discussion centered on key questions such as the potential for digital transformation in the trade ecosystem, adapting funding strategies in the current economic climate, and the significance of collaboration and partnerships in the tradetech space. The participants likely shared insights and perspectives on these topics, contributing to a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and opportunities within the tradetech industry.

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