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Spearheading Change With Banks & Insurers


Coface is a globally renowned trade credit insurance and information services company headquartered in Paris. Leveraging over 75 years of expertise and boasting the most extensive international network, Coface stands at the forefront of trade credit insurance and risk management. The company is also recognized for its comprehensive suite of services, including Factoring, Debt Collection, Single Risk insurance, Bonding, and Information Services. 


The Archipelago Group, based in Kuala Lumpur, serves as a prominent hub for comprehensive insurance services. Specializing in underwriting all categories of General and Life Insurance, including Takaful and Reinsurance, the company stands out for its ability to provide exceptional solutions. The key to its success lies in leveraging a robust global network of products, a wealth of expertise in underwriting, and dedicated resources in insurance and reinsurance.

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