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In collaboration with GTR, GTR Ventures is honoured to bring you the latest #tradetechs from around the world as these firms solve problem statements in the world of trade and supply chain.


There is no better place to start looking at global trade innovation than from the vantage point of Singapore. APAC treasurers and decision makers for global corporates and trading firms sit here, striking supply chain deals for the region and inking contracts for commodities. As Asia’s leading financial centre and fintech hub, over 1,000 financial institutions provide some US$700bn of trade finance annually. Funding for fintech deals in Singapore hit almost US$700mn in 2017; and exceeded US$500mn for H1 2018. 

Against this backdrop, today’s showcase is where the world’s largest trade and treasury community gather and see how they can partner or invest into new technology firms to improve their margins and enhance productivity. 

Whether it is about improving financial inclusion for SMEs or making B-to-B payments more efficient, these innovators in trade offer an opportunity to see how your own organisation can adapt to changing trends in an increasingly digital world. 

Meet the Winner


Headquarters: Australia


Agridigital brings trade, finance and traceability into one global digital solution for supply chain from farmer to consumer.

Founders: Emma Weston, Ben Reid and Bob McKay

Meet the Competing Entrants

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Supporting Firms

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